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Dre Lyriq Featured

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Artist: @Drelyriq



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My Review: A very down to earth guy who's heart is in his music and determation is in making it to the top.

Interview Questions:

1) How old were you when you first decided you wanted to do music?

 Dre LyriQ:  I was about 14 when I recorded my first song on a computer mic, lol and I liked how it came out so that’s when I decided you know what Im going to  Roll with this, plus I used to write a lot of poetry, so I just put it behind a beat and a star was born

 2) Who would you say inspires you the most as an artist?

  Dre LyriQ:  It’s not really a who, I mean of course its rappers I always liked like Ludacris, Tupac, Biggie, Jadakiss, Jay-Z, DMX, Rick Ross and the list goes on, but What inspires me as an artist is life and the experiences as well as my team "Yung & Paid International". I strongly believe if I haven't learned how to struggle I wouldn’t have no material and that real shit.

3) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

 Dre LyriQ: I see myself successful whether it’s rapping or not, it’s always a plan A, B & C, you know? But I defiantly see myself in the limelight it’s like I can taste it. Lol. I’m claiming my spot.

4) What artist would you like to collaborate with?

Dre LyriQ:  Um, that answer differs because if you mean in the area I wouldn't mind collaborating with any "good" DMV artist at all, but in the industry aw, man It’s a list of people but most defiantly Travis Porter, Tyga, Wale, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, FrenchMontana, Drake, Melanie Fiona, Chrisette Michelle, the list goes on, loll

5) What would you say is your biggest accomplishments?

Dre LyriQ:  My biggest accomplishments is releasing a good mixtape ("Run Tell That") that is getting good plays, um, doing shows, still maintaining a 9-5, like I feel overall I'm my biggest accomplishment because I've came along way, and I've changed for the better

6) What is the biggest thing in your life that you regret and wish you could change?

    Dre LyriQ: I don’t regret nothing at all because I learned from every mistake I made in life, and it made me theperson I am today.

7) What is 1 thing that you want fans to always remember you by?

Dre LyriQ:  My Lyrics, otherwise I wouldn’t have named myself "Dre LyriQ"

8 ) Have you been given any advice that’s stuck? What type of Advice can you give for up and coming artist?

 Dre LyriQ:  I've been giving so much advice but I think the one thing that actually stuck was "Always be the best man YOU can be, never doubt yourself, because the second you doubt yourself so would others" and that stuck with me for years, I was told that at 10, so that would be the same advise I would give for other artist,"Just be you, don’t be a nigga u not, and stop sounding the same.

9)  How do you plan on changing the game?

Dre LyriQ: Being very hungry and really bring hip-hop back, so basically I’m going left field with my music, when people think I’m going to do this, I'm going to  do that.

10) Musically who are you mostly compared to and what separates you from them and other artist out today?

Dre LyriQ: Personally I'm not really compared to anyone (that I know of) I mean I been told I sound like Wale but only because we share the same style in music and plus he came out first, But I'm different because I use life as fuel, I talk about things no rapper would think about talking about, I'm not going to tell you everything I talk about, Just know I really have meaning behind my words listen to the music and hear it, and you'll see.

*Fan Question*

1) Are you working on any new projects?

Dre LyriQ: Yes, I'm Currently working on a new mixtape ( no name for it just yet), but trust and believe this is going to be a mixtape y'all are going to love, this maybe the mixtape to put me on for real. I’m also working on upcoming shows in the DMV so y'all are going to see a lot of me.

2)  When you’re not working on music, what do you do in your spare time?

Dre LyriQ: What I do in my spare time is Party, I love to party and drink, so you may catch me at Ibiza, FUR or Ultrabar, if you see me show a brotha some love, real talk, but um I work of course, I stay on twitter talking so make sure you follow me @DreLyriQ but I'm a people's person, I show love always, and ladies when you see me and you actually know it’s me show some love, I give out hugs and kisses too, so I don't bite, only if u tell me, and I'm always out with my team Yung & Paid. We outchea, lol!

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